Diagram Of Iss

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Diagram Of Iss - the international space station is the largest structure ever built in space the first module the russian zarya module launched from earth 15 years ago on nov 20 1998 international crews have continuously occupied the orbiting space laboratory since 2000 and five space agencies contributed to the building of the structure obsolete diagram s of the international space station 163 f media in category diagram s of the international space station the following 44 files are in this category out of 44 total how the international space station works when pleted the iss will be 243 ft 74m long and 361 ft 110 m wide it will have a mass of 925 000 lbs 420 metric tons and a pressurized volume of 33 023 ft3 935 m3 the pressurized volume will be about the cabin size of a 747 jet it will be in orbit at 217 to 285 miles 362 to 476 km the international space station is made up of many modules from the us.
russia japan canada and esa nasa national aeronautics and space administration nasa home gt missions gt international space station gt multimedia english the international space station iss is a joint project of five space agencies nasa united states the russian federal space agency the japan aerospace exploration agency the canadian space agency and the european space agency

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