Hummingbird Wiring Diagram

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Hummingbird Wiring Diagram - the battery should be a bo starting deep cycle battery usually sold as a marine battery an ordinary auto battery would do for starting and lights but for running a radio and other electronics something with a little more of a deep cycle capacity will be needed so the battery doesn t go flat while you re fishing and listening to the radio and leave you stranded when you try to span class news dt aug 31 2018 span nbsp 0183 32 when you have a 24v system trolling motor can you still connect a 12v locator to one of the battery s with out blowing the thing up the reason for the question is my 520c is connected to the fuse panel under the dash with the power ing from the starting battery to much interferace when i m running the boat motor how else can i get away from the interferace and connect to what with these touch light sensors i converted my 40 watt incandescent nightstand l s to leds the.
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